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Dragon Pharma Anavar 50mg tablets, or simply Var, is the trade name of the mild steroid oxandrolone. It was first developed in 1964 to stimulate muscle growth in patients experiencing muscle wasting conditions or rapid weight loss.

Var is not very toxic and it is quite mild on the body. It is actually derived from DHT, a hormone that you naturally produce in your testicles. Therefore, unlike other roids, Anavar doesn’t convert into DHT inside the body.

As a result, it has a shorter half life compared to other roids.

Most steroids first convert into DHT before bonding to androgen receptors. This increases the level of muscle enhancing steroids in the body. But, because Oxandrolone is already in DHT form, the need to have it converted is eliminated and the steroid only acts as a synthetic source of DHT inside the body.

Benefits Of Dragon Pharma Anavar 50mg tablets

Anavar tablets are often labeled as weak. This is because its use alone does not produce maximum effects. However, it’s pretty unreasonable to compare Anavar with other steroids.

For starters, it was traditionally only available in 2.5 mg tablets, before the 5 mg, 10 mg and 50 mg tablets came on the market. So taking the typical dosage of eight tablets per day, which translates to 140 mg per week, will provide little results. But this doesn’t mean it lacks potency.

If you want to take higher dose tablets, Oxandrolone tablets have been shown to stimulate muscle regrowth, thereby increasing your muscle mass and body composition if you have been diagnosed with involuntary weight loss.

Var also prevents muscle wasting, making it an excellent oral steroid for cutting. It increases your muscle hardness and maximizes your lifting strength, while helping reduce excess body fat, as you can see on the many Var before and after photos on the bodybuilding forums.

Since Anavar is very mild, it is not highly recommended for gaining phases. However, it combines with more potent steroids to produce impressive results. By stacking Oxandrolone tablets with Andriol Testocaps , you can achieve effective results, even at smaller doses.

One of the most important benefits of Var is the fact that it doesn’t aromatize or convert into DHT. This makes it quite safe, and you can use it if you are male or female. It’s actually one of the few steroids that women can use without any issues.

Anavar also does not suppress the production of natural hormones in your body.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Var is its unmatched ability to enhance the cutting cycle, especially when it comes to losing weight and fat quickly. Its fat loss properties are so powerful that it is sometimes referred to as a “fat-burning steroid.”

If you’re looking to boost your performance, Anavar will not provide lots of lean mass. Instead, it will help you build solid muscle tissue.

Var also provides a number of benefits when it comes to muscle preservation and metabolic activity. Not only does it help reduce body fat, but it also preserves lean muscle tissue when on a diet with limited calorie intake.

It improves metabolic rate, which in turn increases fat burning. Anavar tablets can be a perfect option when you are looking to achieve a leaner, tighter body overall.

Side Effects of Anavar 50mg tablets

Like other steroid tablets, Dragon Pharma Anavar 50 can survive in your digestive system and pass through your liver without getting destroyed. Nearly all steroids can harm your liver. However, this steroid is an exception.

Because Anavar tablets are extremely mild, you will never experience any liver complications. As a result, you should have no fears about using it.

Most steroids are associated with adverse health effects. But, these side effects are not guaranteed or assured, they are only merely possible. This means you can actually avoid them if you use steroids properly and responsibly.

The majority of undesired side effects, in fact, occur with steroid abuse. Also, if you are allergic or sensitive to drugs and steroids you might experience unwanted side effects, even with responsible use of steroids.

Anavar is very different compared to the majority of steroids when it comes to adverse health effects. First, it doesn’t aromatize, which means it does not cause the negative health effects that are associated with steroid aromatization, such as Gynecomastia.

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